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Let me introduce you to some of my original artwork.

My artwork is inspired by nature and all it´s wonder. I mainly use watercolor based mediums and make my art very colorful and expressive to enable it to be the showstopper in the room.

It is a mixture of abstract and detail in every painting, that really makes it "pop".

If you scroll down you see a selection of my artwork. You also find my sold paintings in the bottom of this page, as a reference of what I can create. If you see something you like in my Instagram or Facebook account that you like and don´t find here, don´t hesitate to Contact Me, and we'll work something out.

All paintings larger than 30x40 cm are shipped in a large sized roll to secure the travel as much as possible (If not stretched on canvas frame). Small sized paintings are shipped flat. 

Other in a roll of at least Ø70 mm (inside).

All prices includes shipping worldwide.

When you find what you want, kindly make an inquiry by clicking the button below.

Malin Kämpe

Latest News!

Presenting my latest pieces of art - Red, Blue and Purple, in the series "Personality-Split". All three is in size 56x76 cm, painted on a Saunders Waterford Cold pressed 425g arch. Mediums used are watercolor and gouache.

Malin_Kämpe_Personlighetsklyvning del 1, 56x76 cm.jpg


56 x 76 cm

10 500 SEK



56 x 76 cm

10 500 SEK



56 x 76 cm

10 500 SEK



Good news! I've decided to reduce the price on some of my earlier artworks that have been on exhibitions during 2022 and early 2023.

21 x 21 cm - 2200 SEK

Here is my selection of some small paintings. You find both birs and florals here, enjoy! Painted on Saunders Waterford cold pressed 425 g, 21x21 cm, 2200 SEK. Framing can be arranged, black or white.

21 x 31 cm - 2600 SEK

During the fall I have created a series of bird paintings with a rough look. The backgrounds are made first with splashes of watercolor. The subject is a combination of watercolor, ink and gouache on a Saunders Waterford cold pressed 425 g, 21x31 cm.

17 x 26 cm - 1000-1500 SEK