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Talgoxe, akvarell


I am an artist that truly loves nature and all it´s wonders. My art is very colorful and expressive and always reflect to nature in some way or another.

I often use mixed media in my paintings. Primarily I start with watercolors and then adding gouache to get the look I’m striving for in my artwork. I want the observers to feel like the motifs are popping out of the picture. 

Let my art be the show stopper in your home, the splash of color you have been missing!


Malin_Kämpe_Personlighetsklyvning del 1, 56x76 cm.jpg

I have started creating a series called "Personality-Split". As some of you know, I am an engineer at daytime and artist on the evenings and weekends. I call this series "Personality-Split" as I am a big fan of order and geometrical shapes as well as floral non-regular beauty with lot's of color and expression - hope you like it!

This one on the left is of course for sale and you find the details if you click this button below.

Fästpunkt 1

I am happy to announce that I was chosen to exhibit with my "Morning Walks" in the European Confederation Watercolour Society in Dublin this year

The exhibition will be in the Farmleigh estate, situated in Dublin's Phoenix Park during 9th - 13th October 2023.



I have a selection of postcards, they all include an envelope for your convenience.


Sorry - No plans at the moment, but you are welcome to visit my studio if you like, just contact me and book an appointment.

Curren Exhibitions
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